Minds of the Movement

An ICNC blog on the people and power of civil resistance

The Voice Behind Our Articles


Amber French

Amber French is Editorial Advisor at ICNC, where she launched and now manages ICNC Press and its acclaimed Monograph series. Amber led the development of the Nonviolent Conflict News site (NVCNews.org) and of the Minds of the Movement blog, for which she is now co-editor.

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Deborah Mathis

As ICNC’s Director of Communications, Deborah develops, executes and coordinates ICNC’s communications, marketing, and media relations, working in collaboration with the organization’s staff and advisors. She helped develop the Minds of the Movement blog and is co-editor.

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Hardy Merriman

Hardy Merriman is President of ICNC. He has worked in the field of civil resistance for nearly 15 years, presenting at workshops for activists and organizers around the world; speaking widely with academics, journalists, and members of international organizations; and developing resources for practitioners and scholars.

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Maciej Bartkowski

Dr. Maciej Bartkowski is Senior Director for Education and Research at ICNC. He works on academic programs for students, faculty, and educators to support teaching, research and study on civil resistance. He is a series editor of the ICNC Monographs and ICNC Special Reports, and book editor of Recovering Nonviolent History.

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